martedì 25 dicembre 2012

Dupes for Aurora's jewelry?!?!

I've been working pretty hard to find some "dupes" for Aurora's jewelry and I've found a few from which is an amazing website that sells extremely cheap and affordable high quality jewelry and makeup.The reason why I made this post is mainly because some of us (her blog readers,little Mohners...heh) aren't from Norway,so if she buys jewelry from Bik Bok or other Norwegian stores,if we like them,we can't buy them without going there.

 The original necklace from this outfit is from Bik Bok,but It's dupe is the Chic Flying Swallows Bib Necklace (Click on the name or the picture to see it on

This is the "dupe" for the first bracelet on the left,even though the colours are different and there are no chains on the original,the style is the same! :-)
The original was from i guess Bik Bok too,and the dupe is the Fashion Retro Heart Leopard Rhinestone Charm Toggle Bracelet (Click on the name or the picture to see it on

 This dupe?Ahhhh! I'm not really sure about it!
I can't see clearly the earrings that she was wearing so I tried to find a pair that was as close as possible to what I saw.
The original she didn't say where it was from,but the dupe is the Fashion Pearl Stud Earrings (Click on the name or the picture to see it on

So that's it for today,I'll post more later!



lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

So i've been recently introduced to this jewerly brand,and I ordered a couple of necklaces that will come in the mail soon.
I've heard people talking about this brand and it's AWESOME!
My bestfriend gave me as a Christmas gift this necklace wich i absolutely ADORE!
I've been looking for a choker for ever and i got it as a gift!
Of course i haven't took this picture because my camera shoots really bad pictures and my iPhone camera let's not even talk about it.
This necklace is so pretty on any kind of sweater that has a large neck shape,because it makes it look sophisticated and different.

This site has amazing jewerly for really cheap and affordable prices,i suggest you guys to check it out!

If you click on my link, you can even receive a special discount! Check it out:


Disclaimer : These were my real opinions though!

giovedì 20 dicembre 2012

More Aurora...

Let me just say it,this position is awesome like the exorcism of Aurora Mohn,ok i'm weird bye.

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2012

Any questions about her? :-)

Hello sweeties :-)
So today's post isn't gonna be completely about Aurora but about this blog.
Since i've seen that the views are starting to get bigger of number i was like "what about making some weekly questions about her? "

So if you have any tipe of questions just comment and as soon as i'll get more i'll answer them all in a post.

Today i'll just answer some F.A.Q that people usually ask in her posts and she maybe replied to the already so i can answer them better.

1. Where is Aurora from? She's from Trondheim,in Norway.
2. When is her born? She's born on May 29,1997.
3. How tall is she? Aurora is 1.65 meters tall ( 5’4” ).
4. How much does she weight? She never posted about her weight,so I don't know.
5. Is her hair natural or does she dye it? It's natural.
6. Where does Aurora shop the most? She mostly shops from Bikbok, Gina Tricot, Zara, H&M, Nelly ,and Topshop.Most of her room items are from Ikea .
7. What camera does she takes her photos with? She uses a Canon Eos 550d with an EF 50mm 1.4 lens.
8. How does she keep her hair so healthy looking? She uses this shampoo and conditioner and she let's her hair air dry because it's naturally straight.

10 . What are her food tastes ? I honestly have no idea,the only thing that i know is that she looooooves strawberries a lot,she posts a lot of pictures about them,heh. :-) 




11. What does she edit her photos with ? She uses Gimp and Google Picasa. 

What do you guys think about this new thing?
Let me know in the comments!

mercoledì 5 dicembre 2012

Does she have some videos?Where can he hear her voice?

Aurora does have some videos on her youtube channel where she posts different videos.
Unfortunately she doesn't post them regularly,because i personally love them,they're really funny!

There are some funny videos about herself dancing and spending her day with her sister,Kamilla.

There also is one video where we can actually se Kamilla interrupting her while she was filming,heh :-) .

She,of course,post hauls and fashion videos where we can hear her speak in fluent Norwegian. 

Her trip in Barcelona! 

A lot of people actually ask different Aurora fan blogs if her hair is natural and the answer is yes!Her hair is naturally beautiful.
She actually does have some hair tutorials,check them out!

We all know that Aurora has a big fashion,style and design sense,so if you wanna see her room tour it's 
down here! 
                            v                        :-) last i'd say let's check out her food tastes!Here's her favourite smoothie.
FUN FACT : Aurora LOOOOOOOVES strawberries! :-)

domenica 2 dicembre 2012

How does she make her backgrounds ?

In her room tour video and in a bunch of her pictures we can notice that her Macbook background are really cool collages.

I actually tried making one by my self and it turned out pretty well.Now i'm going to explain you how she makes them.

1.Open Google Picasa.

2. Select the pictures you'll need for it ( I usually select around 10 pictures )

3. Underneath all the pictures you'll find this . You'll have to press "Collage" .

4. As you'll press "Collage" you'll get this.Now You'll have to press the settings on the left and select "Mosaic" . 

5. Then You'll have to press "Create Collage" and You're done!Easy huh ? :-) 

So that's how mine turned out,not the best,but you can use it if You'd like :-)

To download it just press the mouse button (?) on the right and select "Save link as" and You're done!

domenica 25 novembre 2012

Her style

If you follow her real Norwegian blog from a lot of her pictures you can notice that she doesn't have only one style.She's not the kind of girl who only wears jumpers...only wears college shirts...she mixes them all and creates perfect outfits every day.

She get's most of her clothing items from Bik Bok,Gina Tricot,Zara and Acne.

She also gets some clothes or accessories by sponsors for free.